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Reencoding high-def WMV to XviD

XviD is currently the most reliable and efficient way to display high-definition content on a KiSS player. Unfortunately a lot of content is distributed as windows media files. If you are experiencing playback issues, this guide should help you make those files play.

  1. Download and install XviD
  2. Download and install lame mp3 ACM codec
    (uncompress to C:\Program Files\ and right-click the .inf file)
  3. Download and install VirtualDubMod
  4. Download and install AviSynth v2.5.x or higher
  5. Start Notepad and create an .avs file in the same directory as your .wmv file containing:

  6. Now start up VirtualDubMod and open the .avs file. Use the timeline slider to check that you can see your video.
  7. Now go into the Video menu and select Compression. Select the "XviD" codec and press Configure.

    video compression
  8. Select the HDTV profile and set the bandwidth to 7500 kbit/sec (for DVD) or 20000 kbit/sec (for PC-Link)
  9. Now go to the Streams menu and find Stream List. Right-click the audio stream and chose Full Processing mode.

    audio compression 1
  10. Then chose Compression and select "Lame MP3". You may only use the CBR modes.

    audio compression 2
  11. Now go to the File menu and chose Save As to save your new .avi file. This may take quite a while.

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