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Contact information

I'm usually called "joachip" everywhere on various social media and instant messengers, twitter, instagram etc.

E-mail:joachip @ gmail.com
IRC:#phatbuzz @ EFnet

Friends - in no particular order

Kusk Design

MoDSP VST plugins - a friend and member of the techno group Yamas

Thor & Takako

David Filskov


Reply Memo


Groove.ro music recommendations by Wakax and friends

www.k-u-e-h-n.com - okapi's cool gallery.

Shoryu and his blog about english words in danish

Quollism's blog aka K-Bird

Sites I've been involved in creating

Yo! Label - Record label releasing electronic music (techno, house, electronica and dub.)

AniManga.dk - a danish community website for anime, manga and nerdy japanese stuff

Typograffit.com - use signs, graffiti and any kind of text in out streets to make amusing graphical messages

Jeskola Buzz tracker manual

Kaimosound.com - a danish mastering studio that I've helped building.

Grumpy old man

Alphabet Soup - a danish mutated news bot

Retrofox - a musician's website

Unhandled Exception - another musician's website

Kaimo Sound (under development) - a mastering studio

Guru Meditations (under development) - a musician's website

Taiko-san - a musician's website

Web sites I sometimes visit

Buzzmachines.com - the central collection of plugins for Jeskola Buzz (a music program)

Copenhagen Suborbitals do-it-yourself rockets and submarines

Geek Culture

Ren Optur - an electronic space launch bigband noise orchestra

NASA including their various Sun, Earth, Mars, Mercury and Saturn related projects

Astro pic of the day and Exoplanets

Jap-Eng-Chi dictionary and the Romaniser

Exobak - The creation of the "bak" universe (danish)

Elma writes about anime (danish website)

How to keep something a secret - a danish computer expert's opinion on counter surveillance measures

New Age slogan generator - perfect for sounding like all the stuff on Google+

Stuff i work with


KML for the KiSS dvd players

MTrk Matilde Tracker for Buzz


Frequently Unanswered Questions
  • What is the opposite of a sofa?
  • What does "antidrumz" mean?
  • Is RobotPlanet going to invade earth?

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