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Pringles Macro

How to build a powerful macro from a Pringles can

This requires the following objects:
  • An empty can of pringles
  • The front lens from a pair of binoculars (other types may also work)
  • An SLR camera

DISCLAIMER: Do not try this at home - and if you do, don't blaim me if you damage something or get dust on your sensor or become obese from emptying the contents of the container.

Take a pringles can, mount a lens from a pair of monoculars in the metal bottom. Make sure no false light can pass next to the lens.
Take off your lens from your camera. Hold the pringles can in front of your camera with the lens in the far end.

Now point the lens towards the subject to be photographed. This will typically require both hands holding both the camera and the can.
Use lots of light directly on the subject, since a lot of light is lost in this process.

This little brown connector is appx. 1 cm in size!
This first image is taken at 400 iso at 1/20 sec exposure. Then the contrast has been enhanced.

400 iso at 1/45 sec. Also contrast enhanced.

100 iso at 1/350 sec using sunshine. Contrast enhanced.

The match using a normal non-macro lens.

Update, 6 years later
These guys seem to have expanded on the idea. Their suggestion of moving in and out the tripod legs is fine, but personally I usually move the target object instead. After all, moving a small dime or an insect or such is much easier than moving the entire camera.   ;)
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