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Polarizer filter

Image without a polarizer filter.
I'm struggling hard to get enough light on the buildings without over-exposing the sky.

polfilter off

Image with a polarizer filter.
The sky is now darker, so that i can use a longer shutter time. Also, the clouds are more visible. The only downside is that i have to hold the camera still for a bit longer time.

polfilter on

Loss of light

Polarizer filters eat quite a bit of light, so you might want to be prepared for that. If your lens is approximately F4 or a larger number, you will often have a difficult time getting enough light, unless you live in a sunny country.

These two images were taken with the exact same camera settings (nothing set to Auto). The only difference is that the filter was mounted on the right image. This gives you an impression how much light is absorbed in the process.

No polarizer



Also, some lenses are not suited for having filters applied, like the otherwhise excellent Sigma 14mm F2.8.


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