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ImageMagick Tester

A simple application to help you use ImageMagick in a slightly easier way. Simply load an image, enter some ImageMagick parameters, and press enter to see the result.

Download   (Requires .NET 3.5 and ImageMagick)

How to use it

1) Choose File / Open and load an image
2) Type this text string into the text area:   -level 30,60%
3) Press Enter. The image should now change, and get more contrast.

You can type other strings into the text area to get different results.


More contrast:
-level 20,70%

Blur a lot:
-blur 20x10

Sharpen a little:

Boost colors:
-modulate 100,130

Make it old and brown:
-sharpen 4x3 +noise Gaussian -enhance -channel G +sigmoidal-contrast 3 -channel B -gamma 0.5 -channel RGB -modulate 100,60 -colorspace YUV -channel R -blur 1x0.6 -channel GB -blur 5x2 -channel B -level 0,100%,0.98 -channel RGB -colorspace sRGB -level 5,100%,1.3

Retro color:
-channel R -sigmoidal-contrast 4,40% -channel G -sigmoidal-contrast 4,30% -channel B -sigmoidal-contrast 4,20% -channel RGB -sharpen 1 -colorspace LAB -channel GB -sigmoidal-contrast 14 -colorspace sRGB -modulate 100,60

Fancy 1: Color or not color:
-colorspace HSL -channel G -sigmoidal-contrast 9,55% -channel B -sigmoidal-contrast 8,35% -colorspace sRGB

Fancy 1: Crazy:
-colorspace HSL -channel R -level 2,50%,1.0 -channel G -sigmoidal-contrast 4,55% -channel B -sigmoidal-contrast 8,35% -colorspace sRGB

Super Saturation:
-channel RGB -colorspace HSL -channel G -gamma 1.5 -colorspace sRGB

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