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Ogg Vorbis mime type

Some older apache configs don't have the mime type for Ogg Vorbis set. The proper mime type is "application/ogg" as you can see here.

Setting up Apache

  1. Locate the file "mime.types"
  2. Add this line:
    application/ogg     ogg
  3. Restart Apache

If you don't have access to the configuration, you might be able to fix this problem by creating a file called ".htaccess" in the same directory as the .ogg files containing this line:
AddType application/ogg     ogg

From PHP

If you're manually setting the mime type from a PHP script, you can use this command to set the mime type properly:
header("Content-type: application/ogg");

Other mime types

Here is a list of file types i suggest you should add if they are missing:

image/iffiff ilbm
audio/x-mpegurlm3u pls


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