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Uranus Delay

screenshot The classic stereo delay known from Jeskola Buzz - now ported to VST and AudioUnit.

The LFO affects the frequency of the EQ, relative to the frequency you selected.

Windows VST (32/64-bit)v197Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv168Download
Apple VST 64-bitv168Download

Apple install guide

Version history

  • v197: Fix for Studio One first recalling settings and then changing program. This caused its own changes to be overwritten.
  • v168: Font and build system updates.
  • v158: Added presets. Fixed a bug where the highpass and lowpass filters did not change fast enough.
  • v143: Merged distortion section with main internal overdrive algorithms to make it simpler and less nerdy. Also changed input gain to a gain level that adjusts how much is sent to the delay algorithm so that it works like using an aux send, which felt far more convenient.
  • v135: Added "Mono" mode where left and right delay time is always the same. Less clicks when changing mode. Added pitch smoothing when making small adjustments of length (e.g. in 16ths/10 mode), but not when making bigger changes because that sounded really bad.
  • v133: First public beta.


      instareggae.mp3 (3.6 MB)

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