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JoaCHIP SamplePlayer

screenshot Experimental sample player. Don't use this in your songs yet, as the next releases may change things so much that your projects will sound differently.

This is an experiment where I'm trying out various concepts to see what works, for instance:
  • Velocity controls how much of the sample start is included, which often sounds more natural than controlling the volume.
  • Velocity can control the probability that a note is played. And note probability in general – a feature known from trackers.
  • Different decay curve shapes.
  • Randomized decay and release time.
  • Also, other kinds of randomization.
The over-all goal is to show that, with the right kind of control you can get vary natural sounding variations using just one single sample.

Windows VST (32/64-bit)v199Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv199Download

Apple install guide

Version history

  • v205: Made sure decay/release timings are the same despite DAW sample rate.
  • v199: First public experimental beta. Don't use this in your songs.


      hihat with variations.mp3 (594 KB)

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