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PodCast Helper

screenshot This plug-in is a sort of all-in-one solution to brightening up your vocal sound. It also makes silent passages more audible by automatically adjusting the volume. All you need is a good mic. I recommend large diaphragm condensor mics for the best results, perhaps something similar to the image on the right.

Windows VST 32/64-bitv160Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv89Download
Apple VST 64-bitv89Download

Tips & facts

    Apple install guide
  • Adjust your microphone so that the signal is reasonably loud, but not so loud that it hits "peak", "0 dB", the red LEDs... or however your system shows that the signal is too loud.
  • If your mic, preamp or soundcard has a "highpass filter", you might as well enable that to avoid the risk of pop sounds, but it's not a requirement.


Version history

  • v160: Added an "Amount" knob. Fixed a stereo bug.
  • v89: Renamed plug-in names. Non-essential changes that do no affect the sound quality.
  • v50: First beta version with no parameters or UI.


      speech01 clean.mp3 (353 KB)
      speech01 podcasthelper.mp3 (353 KB)

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