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Mercury Filter

screenshot An analog sounding lowpass and highpass filter based on the classic "Tethys" filter for Jeskola Buzz. Watch out using this in real productions as future versions will have more parameters, and thus, will not be parameter compatible with this one.

Known limitation: The LFOs are sort of an extra feature, and when activating just one of them, the engine switches to a different mode that uses far more CPU. (All the LEDs over the LFO section will turn on when this happens.)

The plug-in has been tested at 44100, 48000 and 96000 Hz samplerate, but should work at other rates as well.

Features being considered: Envelope follower. Switch between different sonic characters. Wide-range switch knob for 10 - 40000 Hz range.

Windows VST 32/64-bitv204Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv204Download
Apple VST 64-bitv204Download
Windows VST 64-bitRP extended version

Apple install guide

Version history

  • v204: Fixed bug in read-out of percent values.
  • v175: Reduced CPU usage on OSX a bit.
  • v149: LFO section is now hidden by default.
  • v126: Increased the strength of the LFOs when modulating the resonance.
  • v121: Fixed UI update glitch for OSX. Made the knobs brighter.
  • v111: Added tempo sync.
  • v110: Fixed so that one LFO can modulate the speed of the other LFO.
  • v106: Added activity LEDs.
  • v105: Changed signal path for better highpass filter behavior.
  • v104: Fixed crash when exceeding the nyquist frequency. Reduced clicks when changing filter steepness.
  • v100: Completely rewrote and optimized both the butterworth filters. Much better performance when not using the LFOs. Filter frequencies should also be more precise now.
  • v86: Nicer knob design. Hold down Alt to fine tune. Hold down Ctrl to reset to default.
  • v84: Better LFO modes and names. Fixed bug where the two first LFO modes would go out of phase sync.
  • v83: Less clicking when switching lowpass mode. Added a "fractal" LFO shape out of sheer curiosity.
  • v82: First rudimentary LFO added.
  • v80: Slightly nicer graphics. All parameters now exposed internally (so that future versions will be compatible with saved presets), but LFO and filter link still missing.
  • v78: First unofficial beta release with many features and UI elements missing.

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