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Mars Distortion

screenshot Powerful distortion with 13 different modes. Mars is mostly a result of experimenting and trying to come up with new DSP algorithms. The plug-in has been tested at 44100 and 96000 Hz samplerate, but should work at other rates as well.


Input gain

This knob adjusts the signal before it goes into the plugin.


Changes which algorithm is used for distortion.


Depending on the selected Mode, amount changes how powerful the effect is. For most modes it works same as, or similar to, the input gain. It's not a mix, so at 0% you will get silence.

If i ever rewrite Mars entirely, this will be a "Mix" knob instead. However, changing it now would break everyone's presets.

Low cut

A gentle 6 dB/oct highpass filter that comes before the distortion algorithm.

High cut

For most modes, this is a gentle 6 dB/oct lowpass filter that comes after the distortion algorithm. For other modes it works more as a kind of de-esser.


This increases the time resolution of the effect in order to reduce aliasing. Settings above 4x will use a lot of CPU. When using the "Cannon" mode (which currently does not support more than 4x oversampling), this knob controls the amount of bass.


Windows VST 64-bitv209Download
Windows VST 32-bitv209Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv209Download
Apple VST 64-bitv209Download

Apple install guide

Version history

  • v209: Fixed label that didn't update when changing mode.
  • v205: Fixed wrong calculation of plugin latency.
  • v177: Added oversampling.
  • v171: Font adjustments.
  • v69: Made mode switch future extendable. Adjusted volume of Scarred mode. Code refactoring.
  • v66: Nicer looking knobs and scalable window.
  • v63: Minor UI adjustments
  • v62: First beta version with knobs.

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