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Enceladus EQ

screenshot An EQ that tries to simulate the rich phat sound of analog equalizers. Because of the slightly unusual way this equalizer works it is not possible to attenuate frequencies, only boost.

Some day I might change the graphics. The plug-in has been tested at a sample rate of 44.1, 48 and 96 kHz, but it should work at other rates as well.

Windows VST 64-bitv125Download
Windows VST 32-bitv125Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv125Download
Apple VST 64-bitv125Download

Tips & facts

  • Apple install guide
  • The meters on the right side show how much you're effectively boosting.
  • The amount of dB boosted may be more than indicated when "Drive" is more than 0%
  • The amount of harmonic distortion / saturation is a product of both boost and drive.
  • It's easier to tell the difference betweewn the different modes and the "dark" mode if you use so much "Drive" that the red overload indicator starts flashing a little bit.
  • If you have trouble making the meters reach levels as loud as this screenshot, try sending a louder signal into the plugin.

Version history

  • v125: May possibly have fixed a bug reported by one user (unverified).
  • v64: Window width can now be scaled in some hosts. Slight improvement of an internal filter used for the "dark" mode.
  • v55: Added overload indicator. Raised "Tubes I" level a slight bit to match the other two algorithms. Fixed bug where compressor would always boost wildly.
  • v53: Lowered minimum signal threshold for when EQ algorithm gets enabled, and made steps smaller for boost and frequency.
  • v52: Signals had to be appx. 20 dB louder than typical use-cases for the Drive parameter to work properly. This is now fixed.
  • v50: Changed the way the version number is displayed. Versions 49 and 50 are identical.
  • v49: First beta that seems to work.

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