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JoaCHIP's Battle Compressor

The BattleComp is a punchy, yet smooth compressor with an EQ and a highpass filter on it's internal sidechain and tube emulation + optional soft-clipping limiter in the output stage to keep peaks under control, all in one VST/AU plugin. The highpass filter makes it easy to avoid pumping effects when there's a lot of bass. This compressor is suitable for both master signal compression and per-instrument compression.


The blue meter on the top left shows the gain reduction imposed by the compressor. The meter below that shows the gain reduction occuring because of the output limiter.

Download for free

Windows VST 64/32-bitv196Download
Apple AudioUnit 64-bitv169Download
Apple VST 64-bitv169Download

Documentation  |   Apple install guide

BattleComp version history

  • v196: Added secret "extreme" mode offering ridiculous slider ranges.
  • v195: Wider range of attack and release times. Enabled 4x oversampling.
  • v169: Moved the meters together in the same area of the screen to make it run faster on OSX.
  • v165: Added a meter that shows how much the limiter is doing.
  • v124: Fixed the behavior of the "Ratio" knob.
  • v123: Changed the threshold range to -40 to +10 dB, which feels more natural for a compressor.
  • v122: Optimized UI performance.
  • v119: Complete re-write. Added a UI.
  • v1.3: Output volume no longer changes slightly when switching between output limiter modes. "Big" frequency range changed to 15-500 Hz.
  • v1.2: Added "Sharp sinus" limiter
  • v1.1: Compiled with better compiler to get rid of denormals
  • v1.0: Initial release, based on the original BattleComp for Buzz.


      AJ compr.m4a (243 KB)
      AJ no compr.m4a (237 KB)
      dvd-dynamics.mp3 (1.8 MB)
      dvd-dynamics cmpv.mp3 (1.8 MB)
      music01.mp3 (1.2 MB)
      music01 cmpv.mp3 (1.2 MB)
      music02.mp3 (707 KB)
      music02 cmpv.mp3 (704 KB)
      music03.mp3 (707 KB)
      music03 cmpv.mp3 (706 KB)
      music04.mp3 (707 KB)
      music04 cmpv.mp3 (706 KB)
      music05.mp3 (2.9 MB)
      music05 cmpv.mp3 (2.9 MB)
      music06.mp3 (1.4 MB)
      music06 cmpv.mp3 (1.4 MB)
      music07.mp3 (1.4 MB)
      music07 cmpv.mp3 (1.4 MB)
      piano.mp3 (432 KB)
      piano cmpv.mp3 (430 KB)
      rickylee.mp3 (1 MB)
      rickylee cmpv.mp3 (1 MB)
      speech1.mp3 (229 KB)
      speech1 cmpv.mp3 (344 KB)
      sqz-test-joacomp-before-after.mp3 (319 KB)
      wavedrum.mp3 (1.3 MB)
      wavedrum cmpv tube clipper.mp3 (1.3 MB)

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