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Samplitude Tips & Tricks

Samplitude remains my favorite DAW of all time, and I have tried quite a few. However there are a few things that'll make it a more smooth ride, so I'll share a few things that I hope will help.


As an old SoundForge user, I have certain expecations to certain things being following that standard, e.g. cursor up = zoom in, cursor down = zoom out. You see this in CoolED and Wavosaur too. The defaults that Samplitude ships with are obscure and seem inefficient for fast operation, so there's a suggestion that makes it resemble those classic .wav editors much more.


If you want to try out Samplitude, I strongly recommend loading these. Click Y and do this:


Make each new record take become a separate .wav file

By default Samplitude puts all recordings into one big .wav file. If you think this behavior is confusing, simply enable this checkbox:


Cleaning up peak files

Here is a .bat file to clean up the .HFP and .HF2 files that samplitude spreads all around your disk. This will delete peak files older than 30 days. You can even place this .bat file in the Task Scheduler and thus have the system clean up old files on a weekly basis. The ForFiles command exists in Windows Vista and up. If you user an older Windows version, try   del /S *.HFP *.HF2.

@ECHO OFF rem Change the path on the next line to the base folder rem of where you want to clean up Samplitude files. cd C:\MyAudio forfiles /S /M *.HFP /D -30 /C "cmd /C del @FILE" forfiles /S /M *.HF2 /D -30 /C "cmd /C del @FILE"

Hardware Controller

Tool to auto generate Hardware Controller setup.

Envelope Color

You may have noticed that Options / Design / Colors / "Sample Envelope" doesn't work. To fix this, edit the file "C:\Program Files\MAGIX\Samplitude Pro X4 Suite\bitmaps\Carbon\VIP.ini" and change the line that says usev11coloring=1 into usev11coloring=0

For inspiration, here's the color scheme that I use.

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