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A completely automatic mastering / post-processing tool that could almost put sound engineers out of business. Well, almost. It's a beta version that only does 16-bit stereo.   ;)


What does it do?
    It adjusts the volume and EQ (bass-treble balance) of a .wav file. It's largely a mad experiment, but it can be a useful reference point when mastering or just pro-processing tracks. Don't use it on single samples. It's intended for being used for mixdowns.

How do i install it?

    Put 2Bcomp2.exe somewhere in the path (fx. C:\Windows\)

How do i use it?

    After installing, right-click a .wav file and choose "AutoEQ". Please disregard what it writes on the screen. The few frequency bands displayed does not reflect the actual internal precision used.

.Wav file issues:

    This tool is an early beta version. It only loads 16-bit stereo .wav files. mp3/ogg/24-bit files etc. will simply be messed up. The loader- and saver abilities are quite poor. But i can't find the source code so you'll just have to live with this. If you have problems, try loading your .wav files into SoundForge and then save them without regions etc.


    AutoEQ <input file> <output file> [<strength>]
    strength goes from 0 to 100 as far as i remember, but you don't have to specify it. Just omit it.   ;)

Last notes

    sometimes if you've been listening to something for too long, you may have forgotten that e.g. there absolutely nothing at 400 Hz ... then AutoEQ is the wake-up call!

    Q: but its now the default action for a wav file which is annoying?!?
    A: take a .wav file, hold down shift, right click the .wav file, choose "Open With" single-click media player, check "Always open with" and click OK.


I've added some features and changed the command line syntax. Now there's a 2-band compressor in there too. It's not up-to-date, so it's not the best in the world, so skip it. Just use the AutoEQ part. Here's an example how to use that. The number adjusts the over-all warm/cold balance:

2bcomp2 input.wav output.wav autoeq 200
Download 2Bcomp2.exe and place it in C:\Windows\

The program is freeware and is written by Joachim Michaelis some years ago.
Website by Joachim Michaelis