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Robot Planet

Burn your flags or they will burn you!

This website is of a very mixed and confusing nature and some of the pages are more of a personal notebook than it should be. If you do manage to find something useful in here i'm pleased though.

The server is currently somewhat busy. Apologies for any lag.

Past events:

02-Sep-2015 21:09
The planet Saturn, viewed by NASA's Cassini spacecraft during its 2009 equinox.

Jet Propulsion Laboratory / NASA:

One section of Saturn's rings may be loaded with chunks of solid ice, possibly shards from a destroyed moon, according to a new study by Cassini scientists. More...

Space launch : Soyuz-FG

Soyuz-TMA 18M More...
01-Sep-2015 21:09
This artist concept shows Comet Hitchhiker

Jet Propulsion Laboratory / NASA:

A concept for orbiting and landing on multiple asteroids and comets is being developed at JPL. More...
28-Aug-2015 17:13

New picture by michael mardahl

Image tags: cars, michael mardahl, venner

26-Aug-2015 22:12


While watching this series I'm having a hard time figuring out whether this is a serious Neon Genesis Evangelion sort of thing, or if it's more of a light minded series with love and friendship in focus. It seems to balence between those two.

But the characters are nice, and it's quite entertaining, and I like how it just throws you into the plot without too much of a lengthy build-up. It's intense and complicated right away.
23-Aug-2015 19:23

Cock Fight (Farmhouse Ale)

A dry, slightly sour-fresh, somewhat hoppy pale ale (almost IPA) with a lot of barley to place your tastebuds in a large cornfield on a summer day. Even though I'm not fond of too sweet beer, I must say a bit of extra sweetness would have made this incomprehensibly dry beer easier to digest. This might be the most dry tasting beer I've ever tried, hence the low rating.
23-Aug-2015 17:40

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: custom creditcard, göteborg, kullaberg

23-Aug-2015 12:02

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: line-up, motorbike meeting

22-Aug-2015 16:22

New picture by Sushio

Image tags: 1BKvaVW, Story About Mako, manga

22-Aug-2015 14:54

New picture by Joachip

Image tags: 4sound loot, 4sound used sale


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