The Star Trek Techno-Babble Generator

Now you too can create some really impressive, scientifically baseless (yet still entertaining) techno-babble --- just like your favourite Star Trek characters. An example is shown below. To generate another conversation, just click on the Reload button.

Geordi: Data, come here and take a closer look at these readings: I think there's something wrong with the

Data: The appears to be functioning normally Geordi. Perhaps you were referring to the , right here, beside this . If we use the to align it with the , then...

Geordi: Yes, of course! Then by modifying this , we can make it work in conjunction with the . That would...

Data: I believe that this will increase the efficiency of the by percent. Thus reducing the load on the .

Geordi: Data -- you're a genius!

written by Bob Yewchuk