Matilde tracker resampling

Just in case people think that MTrk resampling is perfect, let me show you the same little piece of audio before and after resampling. I used "filtering mode 1" because it is the default one and thus probably what 98% of all Buzz users are using.
I have been unable to prove any loss of frequencies. For this issue i've performed both listening tests and measuring tests of both sinus sweeps and some good crispy Roland 606 hihat samples with both filtering mode 1 and 2 in this case.

When playing back at the same samplerate, resampling is disabled by MTrk:

no resampling

When playing back at another samplerate, resampling make changes the sound's spectrum to be like this:
filtering mode 1

no resampling

Up-sampling and downsampling has appx. the same effect, and looks the same in this spectrum analyser.

Written by JoaCHIP